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Renewed for one season.

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This morning, it's a silver world!!

This reminded me that I had to leave the house early and shovel snow,

The Agriculture and Livestock Department cooperated with us to shovel the snow beautifully.

When it reopened on April 28th last year,

In February, the name was changed from "Tategamori Ark Farm" to "Ark Tategamori".

We have renewed the package. We have also started selling cosmetics.

Lavender lotion, emulsion, fragrance mist, lavender soap

Our staff is also learning every day to convey the goodness of our products to our customers.

After the reopening, our customers say, ``It's beautiful now.''

Compliments such as "You've become more fashionable" and "You've changed nicely."

We also receive comments such as ``I'm glad the previous one had a more solid feel.''

The beams and columns are from the previous building, and some of you may recognize them.

Aiming to be the world's best pork specialty store, the meat department will be located in the center.

Organic wheat ears are lined up on the ceiling, and sweets made from wheat grown at Ark Tategamori are lined up below.

welcome. Welcoming you at the gathering!

All of our staff work hard against the rain, wind, snow, and summer heat.

We look forward to welcoming you.

Production and Sales Department Farm Market Hiroe Shibuya

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