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Just a few more days until the Tategamori Kaze Festival!

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Hello everyone.

Recently, the days at Ark Tategamori have been warmer than usual, and there has been less snow, making it easier to spend time here.

Well, the 15th Tategamori Kaze Matsuri Gottsuo Marathon will be held on February 4th and 2nd!
The Gottsuo Marathon, which runs through the Tategamori area in winter, is run by people of all ages: adults, junior high school students, elementary school students and younger, and parents and children.

Some of the participants will also be wearing costumes, so why not come and support them?

In the afternoon, various events will be held at Ark Tategamori.
The highlight is the midwinter dinosaur race!

This race is a race where participants wear dinosaur suits made by themselves or sold at the venue and run on a course with a total length of about 100 meters.
In addition to just running, there is a dinosaur appeal time after the finish line, and you can receive various prizes and prizes depending on your appeal.

Would you like to wear a suit like the image above and run as fast as you can at Ark Tategamori?

Other events include sports chanbara and kite flying. At the feast tent, you can enjoy meals such as sausage sales and bonfire grilling.

Tategamori-style festival where various events are held. We look forward to your participation!

Hiroki Ito, Agricultural Department

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