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After successfully completing the charity poke show

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Hello, I am serving as the chairperson of this year's Charity Pork Show Executive Committee.
This is Takuya Sato from Sakanoue/Kurokinosawa Farm, Pig Farming Division.

Well, the charity pork show was held on January 19th.In order to make the charity auction, which is the main event of the event, even more exciting than last year, we have adjusted the auction method and time so that as many people as possible can participate. I have made arrangements for you to do so. It was the first time in four years that we had invited guests to the event, and we were a little nervous about doing it for the first time, but thanks to the cooperation of many people, including the committee members, we were able to complete the event successfully.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who cooperated. thank you very much.

After the event, a customer smiled and said to me, ``Thank you very much. I received a nice souvenir.'' I was very impressed. In that moment, with that one word, I was able to feel, ``Ah, I'm glad I made it this far.''

When I think about it again, it is a company where executives such as the president, chairman, and managing director, all general employees like me, and people involved in various business transactions of the company all come together and have the opportunity to interact with each other. I felt that it was quite rare in the world, and that it was a charity activity, which made it unique. And this time, I was chosen as the chairperson of the committee, and even though I fell short in some areas, I was really happy that I managed to finish the meeting.

Lastly, we are planning to make a major donation to support the Noto Peninsula earthquake that occurred at the beginning of the year.

Even after the epidemic has passed, disaster continues to descend. Japan is known as a disaster-prone country. I was in the 6th grade of elementary school when I experienced the Great East Japan Earthquake. That horror is returning in another part of the same country. I don't think it's anyone else's business.
Having been a victim of disasters in the past, I am now acting as a supporter. Perhaps this is not a coincidence, but a necessity. I accepted the outstretched hand, and now I extend my hand to someone else. That's how people join hands.

We live in a circle of mutual support.

In order to ensure that the Charity Pork Show, which made us realize this, continues for many years to come, we will pass on the points for improvement and reflection to the next committee, and we will continue to work until the end to make it an even better Charity Pork Show. Please.

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