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Signs of spring and lambs

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This winter has been warmer than usual with less snow.

Witch hazel is blooming on the farm, red plums and wax plums are in bloom, and it feels like spring is slowly approaching.

The remaining snow and witch hazel from a few days ago.

Among the sheep that give birth during the cold season from January to March, the first group is currently in a rush to give birth.

Newly born lambs are wet and prone to hypothermia, so turn on a heating light to create a warm place for them.

Enter the private room with the mother sheep.

Lamb born today. It has an umbilical cord attached.

The average weight at birth for twins is just over 4 kg, and for larger only children, some weigh over 5 kg or 6 kg.

When the lambs have grown to a weight of 7 kg or more (and are at least 1 week old), they are taken out of the private room with the mother sheep to a large room (flock) with other sheep.

They learn to live in flocks with other lambs and mothers.

It's cute to see the lambs become active and run around each other (^^)

Her face is pitch black so it's hard to tell her expression, but she has cute, round eyes.

When the weather gets warmer in the spring, you will be able to see them actively grazing in the green pasture, so please wait a little longer.

Last spring. At the pasture.

Until then, please enjoy these ↓My best shots of this year📷!

Photo taken on January 30th: Ayumi Sugawara, Animal Management Officer, Agriculture and Livestock Department
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