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The chickens are full of energy this winter! !

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During the winter, the poultry farming team takes extra care in management to prevent the introduction and infection of avian influenza.

First of all, from December to March, we no longer allow our chickens to roam outside and instead raise them free-range in a chicken house. (However, if avian influenza occurs in Japan before or after this period, free-range farming will be suspended.)

Additionally, to prevent wild birds, including small birds such as sparrows, from entering, we have strengthened bird netting around chicken houses. Repairs to the poultry house and extermination of rats are carried out to prevent the intrusion of rats, which may carry bacteria. We are also disinfecting the space inside the chicken house.

As a result of our efforts, we are currently able to prevent the introduction of avian influenza, but we will continue to manage our chickens without letting down our guard and raise healthy chickens.

Whether you know this idea or not, the chickens in the chicken house are living a healthy life today.

Makoto Chiba

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