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It's almost spring

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This is ichikawa from fujisawa farm in the pig business department.

The temperature is finally rising, and we can finally feel the arrival of spring in Iwate.

The plum blossoms on the farm have started to bloom in the past few days.

Fujisawa Farm, where I work, is surrounded by forests and bamboo groves. Not only plum trees but also cherry trees and ginkgo trees are planted on the premises, so you can enjoy the changing scenery throughout the seasons.

Not only the flowers and autumn leaves, but also the snowy winter scenery is quite beautiful.

Because the farm is so green, hay fever at this time of year is very difficult,

I want to work hard and not let the pollen get the better of me, while also admiring the beautiful flowers!

Pig Farming Division Fujisawa Farm Sota Ichikawa

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