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nice to meet you!
My name is Ryoki Ishikawa, and I belong to the Pig Farming Division Shipping Team.

I am a new employee who only joined the company in January of this year.
This was my first time working in pig farming, and as a beginner who didn't know what to do, I was constantly overwhelmed by the pigs I saw in real life and the powerful work of the farm staff during my farm training.
Thanks to the careful guidance I received from the people at the farm during my training, I am now able to work independently as a shipping driver.
I'm still inexperienced and I worry every day about whether I've done this or that, but I'll keep working hard so I can catch up with my seniors on the shipping team.

I also want to work hard, focusing on safely transporting the pigs that the farmers have raised with care.

Thank you for your continued support.

Ryoki Ishikawa, Pig Farming Division, Shipping Team

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