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White Calamity in the Wheat Field

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This year's wheat harvest season is fast approaching.

I'm hoping this year will be good.

As fields that were overwhelmed by weeds had to give up sowing seeds as a measure to prevent weeds, wheat was grown in a relatively small number of fields.

Even so, grass weeds and chamomile are growing abundantly in the 20-hectare field!

The scary thing about chamomile is its reproductive powers. It's like the white devil.(That's an exaggeration though)

They mix with the wheat grains during harvest and become seeds for next year, and the fine powdery seeds fall into the fields.

There is no problem with eating it,The weeds have grown and the field has turned completely white, as shown in the photo.

Some of them mutate and become wild or large plants.

The lovely chamomile, an excellent herb with a rich fragrance and many benefits,.....

Shizu Hashimoto

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