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How about some warm soup?

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Hello everyone.
For the past few days, I've been thinking, "Isn't spring almost here?"
It's getting warmer these days.
However, I still feel a little chilly.
On such a day, the [Tategamori Plateau Old-fashioned Egg Soup], which is additive-free and delicious, is
What do you think.

Just by adding hot water, you can enjoy a gentle chicken stock soup and the taste of old-fashioned eggs.
A thick soup is ready.
In addition to eggs, shiitake mushrooms and spinach are included,
The response to eating has increased.

And I wonder if I can make one dish by making use of this gentle taste
I thought and made it. (a little embarrassed...)

like making soup
Dissolve the soup base in 160ml of hot water,
Add some ginger and sesame oil
Ankake with potato starch.
Heated [Tategamori Kogen Pork Meatball 110g],
I tried one side dish.

The combination of chicken bone soup and pork meatballs is perfect! !
I ate the leftover bean paste over fried rice.
As you can imagine♪
I was happy to make it♪♪

Please try it if you like.

★Tategamori Kogen Traditional Egg Soup 10 pieces Price (tax included): 1,836 yen
Tategamori Kogen Pork Meatball 110g Price (tax included): 497 yen

Also, if there is a recipe that says there is another way to eat it,
Please let me know.

Marketing Department Rie Sugawara

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