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"1/f Fluctuation"

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This is Suzuki from Tira Farm, a non-profit organization.

We, Tira Farm, manufacture and sell firewood for home wood stoves.
Thanks to all of you, the firewood for sale this year is sold out.
We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who purchased the product.
Thank you very much.

By the way, this year, unlike last year, there are many inquiries and orders from new customers.
We've heard people say, "I decided to use a wood stove because kerosene is expensive," or, "I used a wood stove every year, but the firewood I usually buy was sold out, so I couldn't buy it." rice field.
In addition, there were comments such as, "This is the first time I've used a wood stove, but it's much warmer than a normal stove or air conditioner," and "Looking at the fire in the stove calms me down."

The heating capacity of the wood stove is very good, and it seems that it can warm a large space incomparably with air conditioners and FF fan heaters.
Most wood stoves have a heating area of 40 to 130 m2 or more. Speaking of 130 square meters, it is about 40 tsubo.
The width varies depending on the ceiling height and the insulation performance of the building.
However, although there is a wide range, considering that the heating area of a typical home air conditioner is at most 20 m2, the heating capacity is reassuring.
Also, there seems to be a reason why "looking at the fire calms the mind".
That is "1/f fluctuation" in the title.
"1/f fluctuation" is a phenomenon that seems to be regular in nature, such as the murmuring of a river, the ripples of the sea, the sound of the wind shaking trees, and so on.
It seems that people unconsciously feel that they are healed when they are in this "1/f fluctuation".
It seems that the flame of firewood has the same healing effect due to the natural phenomenon "1/f fluctuation".

The wood stove warms the body in the cold winter and has the effect of healing the tired mind and body.
Please consider using a wood-burning stove before the winter of next year.
I'm sure you can spend a warm and calm winter while experiencing "1/f fluctuation".
And if you use a firewood stove, please use the firewood from Tila Farm!

We are currently working hard to produce firewood for sale next year.
Focusing on high-quality oak firewood, we manufacture finely chopped firewood that is convenient for kindling.
It is also ideal for use in campfires and BBQs.
If you have a wood stove or are interested in wood, please feel free to contact us.

Sales price
For one light truck bed: 19,800 yen (tax included)
*Persons who can pick up the item with a light truck
* If you wish to have it delivered, a separate delivery fee will be charged. (Example: Ichinoseki city 2,000 yen)

Please feel free to contact us as we will also support sales in subdivisions.
For more information,
Person in charge: Numakura 080-1800-7624
Person in charge: Suzuki 080-1501-0860
Reception hours: Weekdays 9:30-17:00
Please feel free to call us.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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