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Acting as chairman of the athletic meet executive committee

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hello everyone.
I am Mayu Sasaki from the pig farming division, and I served as a member of this year's athletic meet executive committee.

The Ark Group holds a sports day in which all employees participate.
I was able to meet with employees from other departments that I don't usually get to meet,
It is a fun event where all employees can get excited regardless of work content or age.

This year's event is scheduled to be held at the end of October, and we are fully prepared and motivated! I was overwhelmed,
Due to the current situation, this year's event has been postponed.
Unfortunately, the safety of our employees comes first.
I would like to apply this feeling to next year's athletic meet.

I was not very good at standing in front of people, but I prepared myself,
I tried my best to make it run smoothly.
Thinking back on last year's vice chairman's experience, what should be decided by when?
What should be shared to facilitate progress? Think about it, make a plan, make a schedule,
Don't forget to contact the members in advance, prepare while staring at the notebook,
I was nervous every time I went to the committee.
Thanks to the help of all the committee members, I am confident that everything went according to plan.

Learning the difficulty of bringing people together and the importance of preparation,
And I feel that I was able to have a valuable experience that was touched by the warmth of the employees.
I would like to make use of this experience in my daily work.

Fujisawa Farm Mayu Sasaki

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