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How are grapes doing in winter?

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Hello everyone!

This is Hiroshi Sasaki from the Agricultural Department.

There is still a thin layer of snow remaining at the ARK Tategamori Ranch, and the mornings are still cold.
In such a way, the grape tree is waiting for the sprouts for spring.

Now is the period called "dormant period" when the tree is sleeping without absorbing water from the roots of the tree.
The work done during the "dormant period" is the work of cutting branches called "pruning".
"Pruning" is an important work before cutting last year's branches, called "result mother branches", which are called "new shoots" that will grow this year to put out branches, and manage this year's buds.

This "pruning" is an important task that is said to determine about half of the grapes that year.

A photo of a pruned vineyard next to a deer pasture!
Can you see the deer behind the fence?

We are planning to "plant" new vines again this year, and it is gradually but surely increasing!

Until the day we can deliver wine made from delicious grapes to everyone.

Hiroshi Sasaki, Agricultural Department

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