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About the new farm market

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■ April 2023 Farm Market Renewal Opening Planned

A farm market that sells various Ark Tategamori products.
The sales floor area has been increased by 1.5 times, and the following "three pillars" have been enhanced to make shopping even more enjoyable.
We are ready for you to enjoy.

First Pillar Meat Corner
Aiming to be the world's best pork specialty store,
We offer a wide range of cuts, from standard cuts such as loin meat to rare cuts.
We have newly prepared a face-to-face corner, andFocusing on custom-made cuts,
We strive for freshness and deliciousness.

Second Pillar Bakery Corner
We use organic JAS-certified wheat harvested from our own ranch, and carefully select raw ingredients, such as chemical seasonings, preservatives,
Manufactured without synthetic coloring agents.
In addition to being renewed so that you can see the cooking process, we have newly added vegetables that are not used pesticides produced in-house,
We also sell “sandwiches” using additive-free ham and sausage.

The third pillar Ark Tategamori vegetables and old-fashioned eggs corner
There is also a corner for selling "vegetables" that do not use pesticides and chemical fertilizers and free-range fertilized eggs "Tategamori Kogen Mukashi Tamago".
We provide not only safety and security, but also freshness.

Image of farm market

Ladies and gentlemen, please wait a little longer until we open!

Manufacturing and sales department
Shuji Terui


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