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About allergen-free products

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I wonder if everyone was okay with the snow that piled up this morning and the heavy snow the other day. .
You can see the blue sky in the morning, and the scenery of the snow and the blue sky during commuting
It was a good morning that I feel very nice ♪

Well, this time, I would like to introduce you to allergen-free products!
Before introducing the 7 major allergens, among the 28 items, the severity and number of cases are particularly high.
7 items (shrimp, crab, wheat, buckwheat, eggs, milk, peanuts).
In addition, labeling is stipulated in the Food Labeling Standards, and labeling is obligatory by law.​​​​​​
The 7 major allergen-free products are 7 items (shrimp, crab, wheat, buckwheat, eggs, milk, and peanuts).
It refers to products that do not use any raw materials.

At Ark Tategamori, all additive-free hams and sausages are free of the 7 major allergens!

Among the many products available, we would like to introduce two of our additive-free hams and sausages, "Mini Frankfurter (Japanese style) and Okara sausage (2 types)", as well as our delicatessen "Grilled Hamburg Steak". .

① Mini frankfurt (Japanese style) 90g 476 yen (tax included)
The coarsely ground Tategamori Kogen pork is boiled in soy sauce and mixed into a fluffy batter to create a frankfurter sausage! Tsukudani is seasoned with fermented pork seasoning instead of soy sauce, so it does not contain any of the 7 major allergens.
It's a "Japanese-style sausage", so it goes well with mustard. It is also recommended to put it as an ingredient in a pot or oden.

② Okara sausage (2 types) 90g 465 yen (tax included)
A new type of sausage that combines domestically produced soy bean curd refuse and Tategamori Kogen pork!
You can enjoy 2 types of textures with this product, which contains 2 types of coarse ground and silk ground.
Because it uses bean curd lees, it contains about 20% less fat and salt compared to our sausage! ! It contains dietary fiber and nutrients from bean curd refuse, and is low in calories, making it a highly healthy dish.
Although it is called okara sausage, it does not have a strong okara taste, and it has a gentle taste that is very easy to eat.

③ Grilled hamburger steak 120g 486 yen (tax included)
100% Tategamori Kogen pork is coarsely ground to create a juicy hamburg steak!
A rare hamburg steak that is free of the 7 major allergens and gluten-free without using flour or eggs! !
In addition, they use pork fermented seasoning "pork sauce", so you can enjoy the umami without adding sauce.
We recommend warming it in a hot water bath, but it is also possible in the microwave, so you can easily enjoy it.

This time, we introduced 7 major allergen-free products.
When eating, shopping, etc.
I would be happy if anyone could choose products with peace of mind, and above all, enjoy safe and delicious food.
I hope that the whole family will be surrounded by the same thing, and the precious moments will be filled with lots of smiles.

Production Sales Department Raimu Hatakeyama


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