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How do you make pork buns?

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Hello everyone☆
The cold days continue, but aren't you out of shape?

Today, we will introduce popular Ark Tategamori products that will warm your body and soul.
We will show you how to make "pork buns"☆

Ingredients containing organic, pesticide-free wheat grown in-house,
We carefully mix the dough while watching the temperature of the day and the temperature of the flour.

The finished fabric is carefully wrapped one by one by hand.

Let it ferment and steam.

Delicious and healthy pork buns are ready☆

Warm pork buns ready to eat in the kitchen car in front of the ham workshop,
At the store, we have frozen pork buns with 3 pieces.
If you are in the area, please eat and warm up ☆

Manufacturing and Sales Department Satomi Onodera


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