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About the new healing spot “Imagination Square” Stone Circle

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I will talk about how the imaginary square was created.

The founding president has
With the desire to “make it an attractive and open pig farm,”
We built a garden on the pig farm so that visitors can enjoy it.
The garden was decorated with trees and flowers, and large garden stones were also placed.
That was over 35 years ago.

As time passed, the environment surrounding pig farms changed.
From the perspective of epidemic prevention, it is no longer a situation where customers can easily visit.
We want our customers to be able to enjoy the garden stones of the pig farm, which are kept out of sight.
Thinking that the stones that have existed since ancient times would surely be pleased,
We brought large garden stones to Tategamori Ark Ranch and created a megalithic garden, "Imaginary Plaza".

We arranged it in a circle with a diameter of about 50 meters so that customers can feel the charm of "stone" more.
Inspired by the ancient Chinese "Four Gods of Direction", we have placed "stones" in the four directions that give us a particularly strong sense of power.

It was named "Imaginary Plaza" because
Surrounded by megaliths that have existed for hundreds or thousands of years,
Under the big sky of Tategamori Plateau, feel the wind blowing and the changing seasons.
Thinking about the endless mysteries of the universe, the past/present/future of mankind,
Or just stand there without thinking,
Because I thought that you could spend a moment like that.

*Four gods (spiritual beasts): Seiryu in the east, Byakko in the west, Suzaku in the south, and Genbu in the north.
縄文 ロマン パワースポット ストーンサークル 東北 岩手 環状列石

For customers who will be visiting from now on, please come to this new healing spot
We hope that you will feel the charm of "stone" and feel refreshed.
*Please wait for a while until the spring opening.

Agriculture Department: Hideaki Katata
パワースポット ストーンサークル 縄文 ロマン 夕日 東北 岩手県
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