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Sheep birthing season has arrived!

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The birth rush of sheep has started again this year!

The top batter gave birth on January 9th.
In the morning, when I went to the entrance of the hut, I heard the cry of an adult sheep.
I heard a high-pitched voice saying "Eh ~ ↑".

A little smaller but energetic twin girls were born (^ o ^)

↓ Just born and still unreliable

Newly born lambs are moved to a private room with their mother sheep and warmed up with a heat lamp.
After that, check whether the mother sheep is in good health, whether the milk is produced properly, and whether the lambs are drinking milk properly.

↓Some babies are born very small.

I weighed the lambs the next day, and when they grew to about twice their average birth weight,
Open to a large room with the mother sheep.

↓The first twins to be born, their bodies and attitudes are growing quickly (laughs)

↓There are adult sheep other than the mother in the herd, so the mother is wrong (laughs).

About 20 lambs have already been born this year.
I feel like there are a lot of twins and girls this year.
I had a baby on a very cold day the other day... it doesn't seem to matter if it's cold.

Up to now, less than 20% of the mother sheep who are due to give birth have yet given birth.
The baby rush will continue.

Every day I take care of her, praying that both mother and child will be born safely and grow up healthy.

I succeeded in shooting the birth scene for the first time!
I'm impressed by the hard work of the mother sheep (´;ω;`)
If you are interested, please take a look!

Department of Agriculture and Stock Animal Management
Sugawara Ayumi

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