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This is the last blog for this year.

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This past year has gone by really fast, and looking back on it now, there were a lot of things that made an impression on me.

Thanks to all of you, we were able to celebrate the 50th anniversary, and we implemented a number of commemorative projects. It was a pity that I couldn't do it due to the corona crisis, but I'm preparing a plan to carry it over to next year.

Due to the renovation work of the ranch department, which has been 30 years since its opening, the farm market, herb hall, plant shop, and nuts were closed on August 31st, and part of the business was switched to business.
Starting September 1st, it will be interesting to observe the progress of the ongoing construction from time to time, and I am very much looking forward to seeing it come to fruition.

In this blog column, the staff of each department writes about their daily activities.
from many people
"I'm looking forward to it! It will be helpful for me to go play"
And so on. Thank you very much for reading.

Next year, we will have a full blog of the pig farming department, which is a little far from our customers, such as each pig farm involved in the production of pork, which is the foundation, the organic fertilizer center Wakaba, which is the cornerstone of the recycling system, and the homemade feed factory Ark Feed. I hope so.

There was a lot of things in the world for 1 years this year.
There were many sad things such as Russia's invasion of Ukraine and the protracted state of war,
At times, my heart was boiling with joy.

The winning flag of the high school baseball Koshien, which has finally crossed the Shirakawa checkpoint and came to Miyagi, Tohoku!
Hanamaki-born Shohei Otani's outstanding performance in the American league!
Consecutive victories against the Japanese team's strong opponents in the soccer World Cup!
and so on

I hope you have a lot of fun next year too.

This autumn, I was blessed with a long period of fine weather that I have never remembered before.
The staff worked hard and became a beautiful organic wheat field like the picture.
I'm really looking forward to the early summer harvest next year after overcoming weeds.

Thank you very much for your hard work this year.
On behalf of all the employees, I would like to express my sincere gratitude.

I hope everyone reading this blog has a peaceful and warm New Year. And I wish you good health and happiness for the coming year.

Shizu Hashimoto


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