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Farm winter vegetables

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There are only a few more days left in December, and we are about to welcome the new year soon.

In Fujisawa-cho, Ichinoseki City, where the ranch is located, it started to snow around December, and the cold is getting more and more severe.

The vegetables grown on the ranch at this time are mainly leafy vegetables.
Lettuce, mizuna, garland chrysanthemum, komatsuna, spinach, etc...
There is no facility such as a boiler that uses fuel in the vinyl house on the ranch, so the tunnel is covered with vinyl or cheesecloth to keep it warm and promote growth.
However, on days when the sun is pouring down, the temperature inside the greenhouse can reach the high 20s. You can open the curtains and adjust the temperature.
On the other hand, when the inside of the house freezes due to continuous snowfall, we increase the amount of vinyl and cheesecloth hung in the tunnel to ensure the temperature.

The vegetables, which grow while enduring the cold, are trying to take in the nutrients in the soil to absorb the warm sunlight and store nutrients in the soil, so they become sweeter than usual.
It's really delicious even if you eat it raw.
When you visit the ranch, be sure to pay attention to the fresh vegetables from the ranch! !

Agricultural Department
Makoto Chiba


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