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Egg is the leading role day

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Hello, this is Haga, who is in charge of poultry farming.

At ARK Ranch, all eggs are collected by hand,
Is the chicken in the picture trying to warm up the egg by getting on the egg collection tray?
It must be a very friendly, strong-willed chicken with a strong maternal instinct!!

Now to the chase.
I think this is the day when eggs are the star.

The period from Kokan to the day before the beginning of spring is called "Kan no Uchi".
Eggs that are born during the cold season are called ``great cold eggs''.
Since ancient times, in order to survive the severe cold of this season, chickens eat a lot of feed,
It is said that it lays eggs full of nourishment with concentrated deliciousness.
In addition, according to Feng Shui, eating cold eggs is said to be effective in preventing illness and increasing financial fortune.
It is prized as a lucky charm.

January 6th to February 3rd in the cold
Daekan day is January 20th

Please give it a try.

*Eggs laid in the cold are "Kan-Tamago"

Kazunori Haga

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