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charity pork show

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The charity pork show is held every year at a hotel,
Business partners and employees bid on our products in an auction format,
All proceeds were donated to social organizations and welfare organizations as a charity fund.
However, in light of the current situation of the corona crisis,
Last year and the year before last, we gave up on holding the event at the venue and solicited charity funds in an order form.
Despite the sudden change, we received support from many people,
Once again, I realized that I am supported by many people.

Unfortunately, we will not be inviting business partners again this year, and we are planning to hold the event with only our employees.
It's been a long time since we can't hold it in its original form,
Don't forget the warm feelings that have been handed down until now,
I would like to spread the harmony of charity activities and make it a place to connect to the next one.

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Charity Pork Show Executive Committee Utako Watanabe

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