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Have a wonderful time on New Year's Eve. .

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Today is the 17th, which means there is only one week left until Christmas!
It's been a cold winter, and I have a feeling it's going to be a white Christmas this year.

December 29th (Thursday) is the last business day at Ham Kobo.
Also, the business start date will be from January 7th (Sat)!

For the year-end and New Year holidays, buy meat, ham sausages, etc. for New Year's Eve and New Year's
It's nice to spend time slowly~~♪

In December and January, not only with family, but also with relatives and friends who have returned from rural areas.
It's also an important month where you can get together.
It's the cold season, but it's nice to have everyone gather around a warm meal and talk about souvenirs.
It is also recommended to try Tategamori Kogen pork for a little extravagance in hot pots and shabu-shabu! !

We hope that the products of Tategamori Ark Ranch will warm your heart and body and serve as a bridge for wonderful conversations.

Production Sales Department Raimu Hoshi

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