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Your tulips are ready! !

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At Tategamori Ark Farm, about 250,000 red, yellow, and white tulips bloom from late April to early May every year.
This time as well, I planted each flower by hand because I want you to enjoy the colorful flower carpet.
This year, blessed with good weather, I am happy that the work will be completed in a shorter period of time than planned. .

As I was in charge of the color scheme of the tulips this year as well, I will release the drawings in anticipation of next spring.

Yumemigaoka Garden

This year we have a new pink and white mixed area.

Niji no Oka Garden

You can enjoy the rainbow-like colors even when viewed from a distance.

It might be fun to take a walk while comparing it to the drawings.
I hope you will visit us.

Yukie Chiba, Agricultural Department


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