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Goodbye, First Tollgate

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The building of the first toll gate, which has endured the wind and snow for many years as the main entrance of Tategamori Ark Ranch.
Due to the renovation work, we will finish our role as a toll gate today.
Thank you for your good work

This building was originally built as a toll gate in front of the restaurant Tills about 22 years ago.
About 13 years ago, a new plant shop was built in front of Tills, and it was used as a toll booth.
The building that was used was relocated in front of the current tree house.

The toll booth building will be relocated from this location to the farm in the future, and will be available for customers to use.
We recommend that you consider installing it.

winter period(From December 1, 2022 to mid-March)
Free admissionwill be
You can take a walk in the garden (except Kaoru Kaze Garden), so please enjoy it freely.
○Park Tour Bus: Closed during winter.
○ Kaoru Kaze Garden: Closed until the end of March.
○Flower shop "Plant Shop" on the ranch: Closed until mid-March.
In addition, construction is being carried out on the farm in preparation for the reopening of the ranch next spring.
Please be careful when walking around.

Agriculture Department: Hideaki Katata
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