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Characteristic of light thigh meat! Rare parts, delicious ways to eat, etc.! !

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Today, I would like to talk about "Tategamori Kogen Pork Thigh Meat".

The lean meat is a large mass of muscle with a fine texture and little fat, so it has a very light taste.
It's delicious when boiled, but it's a little dry, so we recommend shabu-shabu or stir-frying.

Next, about the softest part of the pork thigh, the rump! ︎
It is the part between the buttocks of the loin and the thigh, and about 2 kg can be obtained from one pig.
The meat is a combination of the delicacy of the sirloin and the softness of the thigh, and is packed with umami.
It is suitable for simmered dishes such as diced steak, tonkatsu, curry, etc. It is also recommended to pickle it in sauce and eat it with yakiniku.
Pork rump is still unfamiliar and rare, but it is a reasonably priced part compared to loin, so when you come to the farm market temporary store that is currently temporarily open at the ham workshop, feel free to ask the staff. Please hang up! We are happy to accept custom cuts, so why not try it once? ︎

My most recommended dish using thigh meat is to line up the thigh shabu-shabu diagonally, put shiso leaves, plum meat, and cheese on top of the roll, and stir-fry it with salt and pepper.

Also, as many of you may know, Tategamori Kogen pork is served in school lunches at elementary schools in the Senmaya and Hanaizumi areas of Ichinoseki City.

Also, look forward to the next time!! ︎

Manufacturing and Sales Department Atsunori Onodera

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