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Sale Saturday! Freshly made bacon and grilled pork

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Have you ever had fresh bacon and grilled pork?

At the ham studio store on Saturday, in a limited quantity
We sell "Freshly made rose bacon" and "Freshly made grilled pork"!

■Freshly made loose bacon is a jiggle, "Is this bacon!?"
It's so soft and different from the usual rose bacon.
■Freshly grilled pork is soft and moist!
We don't usually sell a whole grilled pork, so there is no other opportunity like this.

After the customer places an order at the Ham Koubou storefront,
We will prepare fresh from the production room.
When it was delivered to the customer, he smiled and said, "It's warm."
Being able to see your face makes me feel relaxed too.

* Completion time and limited quantity are
We will inform you on twitter and facebook in the morning of the day.

I would like you to taste the deliciousness of the impression.

Grilled pork 500g ¥3,000 (tax included) Loose bacon 270g ¥1,800 (tax included)

Manufacturing and Sales Department Akemi Chiba

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