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"Old-fashioned egg" is also used for this ingredient.

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Is there any change in the cold and rainy weather?

By the way, today, our company's free-range fertilized eggs "Mukashi Tamago" are used as sweets by our business partners.
It was also used as a raw material for hamburgers, so I will tell you about that information.

Our product "Mukashi Tamago" is also sold at our business partner "Seijo Ishii" limited store
I have received it.
This time, in addition to selling over-the-counter, original sweets for a limited time
"Mukashi-Tamago" was used for the dough.

<Reference information>
・Seijo Ishii original sweets
・ Target product: “Spilled marron glace mont blanc made only with Tamba chestnuts”
・ Delivery period: 2022.11.07 (Monday)-2022.11.13 (Sunday)
・Published URL:

In addition, it was also used as the raw material for the Fujimaki Department Store x Kakunoshin hamburger steak limited to 500 sets.
<Reference information>
・ Target product: Fujimaki Department Store x Kakunoshin 500 sets limited hamburger
・Capacity: 120g x 5 pieces
・ Sales price: 5,000 yen (excluding tax)
・Published URL:

* The original "Tategamori Kogen pork grilled hamburger" produced by our company is
We also do not use eggs, milk, or wheat. (No 7 major allergens)

The above Kakunoshin hamburger isanother thingTherefore, just in case, I will make a supplementary statement.

The quality of the "Mukashi Tamago" that we carefully nurture and produce has been recognized,
From among the many eggs, we have used them as raw materials like this.

How about cooking with this "mukashi tamago" at home?
Please take this opportunity to try it.
Ranch Division
Sales Department Kazuto Matsuura

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