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Nice to meet you, my name is Tira Farm Takahashi.

I have been indebted to you since Tanabata on July 7th.

Every day from Tira Farm staff, Cast
taught me a lot,
I received a lot of support from everyone in the agriculture department,
I am working very hard on my first work.

I'm having a hard time coming up with the names of the tools I need for the work...
Thank you very much for your support, sorry for the inconvenience
There are many things to do, but
I would like to continue to push forward while remembering one by one!

Right now, although it is unfamiliar, Tila Farm
I am in charge of Twitter!

I'm still studying, but the warmth of Thira Farm
We will do our best to keep everyone informed!

Follow and retweet cast's
I would appreciate it if you could support me!

Although I am always lacking in things,

NPO Tila Farm Chise Takahashi

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