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Things to be aware of during this time of increasing coldness

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Hello everyone!
I'm Ari Takeuchi from Hanaizumi Farm, Pig Farming Division.

In November, the temperature drops significantly and the cold permeates every day.
It has become.
How are you all feeling?
As the end of the year approaches, it may get colder than usual this year.
I'm thinking about it, so please take care of your body more than now.

Now, about this topic,
I would like to talk about how to protect the piglets from the cold.
Now, I am involved in giving birth to mother pigs,
Taking care of newborn piglets.
Piglets, like human babies, are animals that are sensitive to the cold.

So we warm the floor so that the piglets don't get cold,
Install a heat-retaining light like a stove,
I am careful not to let the piglets get cold.

For piglets, the cold is their natural enemy.
Our employees lovingly adjust the environment every day so that the piglets can live comfortably.
Piglets are important, but I will also be careful not to catch a cold myself.
Everyone please take care of your body.

Hanaizumi Farm Ayuri Takeuchi


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