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Business has also started preparing for winter

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This is the kurakata of the sales department.

I went to Iwate Prefecture several times for training in autumn, but it still gets cold at night...
I panicked and immediately started winter preparations!
Recently, I've been working hard at sales activities wearing inner vests. it's the best.

By the way, recently, I try to make time to observe the sales floor.
There are many large-capacity pack wieners lined up...
For a high-quality supermarket, many young generation groups are visiting...
Looking at Google Maps, there is a big university nearby, many people come to buy alcohol, and there seems to be a large demand for snacks. I wonder if that's why the large-capacity pack is selling well...
When you think about things like this, you may come up with new perspectives and ideas when recommending products to customers.

It goes without saying that the clothes are devised, but "thinking" activates the brain and warms it up!

Speaking of getting warm! (I'm going to force myself to connect At this time of year, I recommend "pork buns".
It is a product that boasts deep-rooted popularity in Tokyo. If you put it in a basket as a single item, it will get a lot of attention.
If you find it, please try it♪

Sales Department Mai Kurakata

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