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Sowing of wheat and planting of onion seedlings has begun.

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Today is the end of October, and from tomorrow it will finally be November.

It's already been 2 months left in this year.

I truly feel that one year goes by so quickly.

Well, in the agricultural department, wheat sowing and onion seedlings have begun.

The image above shows how wheat is sown.
At the ranch, we are cultivating two varieties, "Nambu Komugi" and "Ginga no Chikara". Last week we sowed "Ginga no Chikara", and next week we plan to sow "Nambu Komugi".
This year, we were overwhelmed by weeds and the yield did not go as expected, so I was enthusiastic about the plowing work in advance. I want you to grow up quickly next year.

The next picture is a picture when I planted the onion seedlings today.
Thanks to the cooperation of many workers, many seedlings were quickly planted.
Thank you so much to everyone who worked on this! ! ! !

If the crops continue to grow smoothly, wheat will be harvested around early July next year, and onions around the end of June.

Please look forward to it.

Agricultural Department
Makoto Chiba


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