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It's getting colder in the mornings and evenings, and it's the season when the wind feels cold during the day.
If you look around you, the trees are starting to change colors, and you can feel the news of autumn.
Every time the season changes, I'm secretly excited to see different flowers and scenery again♪

Tategamori Ark Ranch Ark is currently in the midst of construction for renewal.
Meat, ham sausage, and ARK Ranch original products sold at the farm market
We are selling at the ham factory.
Please stop by when you come to ARK Ranch!

In front of the ham workshop, we also operate a kitchen car! !
For a little lunch, such as popular BBQ sausages and steamed pork buns! It's also perfect for when you're feeling a bit hungry♪ Let's warm up with warm steamed pork buns in the cold season.

Customers who have purchased pork buns in the kitchen car or at the store are happy to say things like, "The pork buns are delicious!" and "I love these pork buns."
I have been involved in the production of pork buns for the past three years, and since I put my heart into each and every one of them, I am truly happy when I hear the words of my customers.

I hope that we can continue to make pork buns that are the pride of Tategamori Ark Ranch.

Production Sales Department Hoshiraimu

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