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A slightly unusual way to repel a wild boar Monster Wolf

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It's starting to get cold in the morning and evening. The change of season is easy to get out of shape. Eat a well-balanced diet, get enough sleep, and be careful not to lose the epidemic.

Well, we are not the only ones who need disease prevention. We have to protect the pigs on the farm from the disease called swine fever. However, the method of prevention is slightly different from that of humans that we imagine.

We prevent diseases by using chemicals such as washing hands and gargling, disinfection, and vaccination. We vaccinate the pigs too, but there are more important things to do. That is, do not bring pathogenic bacteria that live outside the farm into the farm. Maintains on-site hygiene by isolating farm pigs from wild animals.

However, there are currently a series of sightings of wild boars near the farm. And this wild boar is the culprit that mediates swine fever. In order to keep the wild boars away from the farm, from this season we willmonster wolfWe are proceeding with the installation and operation of a wolf-shaped robot.
It threatens with various sounds and lights, such as wolf cries and artificial voices. All the staff hope that they will play a role in repelling wild boars.

Kuroki Sawa Farm Takahiro Sasaki

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