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Aiming to revive the lavender fields

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Hello! This is Chiba in charge of the plant shop.
We are currently closed due to renovation work, but we are currently working hard to make flowers for the next term.

First of all, we are trying to plant cuttings to restore the lavender fields that have been damaged by the high temperature and humidity in recent years, aiming to turn them into purple carpets all over the fields.

*Rough flow of cuttings*
・Cut the branches for cuttings from the parent plant.
・I put it in the soil for the cutting.
・Wait for roots to appear while watering.
・When the roots appear, replant the plant in a pot.
・When the seedlings grow, they are planted in the alley.

I wait for the roots to appear while watering the stems so that they don't dry out. Three years of watering is often said, but it is a difficult task.

We finished about 10,000 cuttings in 3 weeks.
I just pray that it will take root safely and become a lot of seedlings.
I would like to report on the growth in the future, so please look forward to it!

Yukie Chiba, Agricultural Department


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