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[Announcement of gifts for visiting the park]

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This is Yabe from the Agricultural Department.

I have experienced theme park business development and brand management, but when I learned about the dynamism of the business run by Tategamori Ark Ranch, I was moved by the creativity of that business, and many people came to know about Tategamori. I decided to change jobs and came to Tategamori this spring because I wanted people to know about ARK Ranch and actually visit it.

【Latest information】
In September, Tategamori Ark Ranch started construction for the facility renewal in the spring of 2023. While expectations are high for the facility renovation, some facilities will be closed, and we apologize for the inconvenience caused to visitors, but the ranch will continue to operate during this construction period.

[current highlights]
Tategamori Ark Ranch in this season has many highlights,
At Niji-no-Oka Garden, you can enjoy the gradation of colors,
And in the Yumemigaoka Garden, there is a dignified “Sanshaku Verbena” with a purple flower.
The best time to see them is just around the corner.
Also, I am looking forward to the "Amethyst Sage", which was very popular last year, and the 2,500 buds are gradually starting to unfold.

[Announcement of gifts for visiting the park]
This time, I would like to tell you about the “Thousand Beni Handmade Mini Bouquet Present” campaign. We want you to take a part of the beautiful scenery home, and we will give you a cute “Crown red mini bouquet” handmade one by one by the staff for those who have purchased an admission ticket.
It will be held for a limited time from Saturday, September 10th to Friday, September 30th.
Please take this opportunity to invite your family and friends and go out.

We will continue to come up with plans that will bring a smile to the faces of our visitors.
Please stay tuned.


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