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[9/19] Recommended for Respect for the Aged Day!

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This is chiba in charge of mail order.

I thought it was hot, but
Halfway through September.
It's getting easier to spend the morning and evening.

September 19th is Respect for the Aged Day.
I want you to stay young and healthy forever.
With that in mind, how about a gift from ARK Ranch?

You can also send a message card, so
If you add a word from your grandchild,
You will be delighted!

Of course, it is also recommended when celebrating with the whole family!
Steak, pork cutlet, etc.
Delight with a festive menu.

*The photo is thick-sliced ginjo-zuke→Place your order here

*If you place your order by Tuesday, September 13th,
Delivery is possible on Respect for the Aged Day.

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Marketing Department Tomomi Chiba

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