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About field work from autumn

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My name is Hiroshi Sasaki from Tategamori Ark Ranch Farming Department.

This time, we will introduce you to the work of the field that is scheduled for autumn.

[About harvesting grapes]
・From the end of this month to the beginning of October, we plan to harvest grapes (Chardonnay variety/attached photo). We plan to harvest 3 to 10 kg from the vines planted 3 years ago. If you look at the photo, you can see the "seeds" inside the fruit. The sugar content is expected to be about 10 to 12 degrees, and around 20 degrees at the time of harvest.

[About the cultivation of new vineyards]
・The current number of vines planted three years ago and this year is about 2000. A new field (attached photo) is currently being cultivated. Approximately 2,300 red and white grape vines will be planted in the new fields from April next year.

[About wheat field]
・We are currently preparing the soil in the field (attached photo) in order to sow wheat next month in late October. By the end of October, we plan to complete the plow for digging up the fields, the rotary for crushing the soil finely, and the fertilizer application for soil nutrition and soil improvement. All the staff are working hard to harvest good quality wheat next year! !

Tategamori Ark Ranch Agriculture Department Hiroshi Sasaki

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