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Memories of 20 years ③

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This is hashinuma from the production and sales department of the ranch business department.

I was able to celebrate my 20th year in the company this year.

For the past 20 years, I've been taking pictures of landscapes and people on the ranch,
This year, I would like to look back on the memories of 20 years on my blog.

1st 2004-2010 (released)
2nd 2011-2015 (released)

This time, we will send you the edition from 2016 to 2018.


I was able to experience the chairman of the 5S committee.
I was chairman of the athletic meet the year after I became chairman of the athletic meet, so I have a lot of tough memories.

I was able to feel the charm of 5S activities on this occasion.
Photo: Members of the 5S Committee at the time.

It was also from this year that we started roasting whole pigs at pig festivals.

Mr. Hirota from the Agricultural Club is so cool looking so hard!

"Premier Cru" grazing has resumed.
I remember that management was very difficult, but I had a good experience.

When I visited the Fujisawa farm for the HACCP inspection, I was able to capture the big smiles of the two members of the maintenance team.

I started selling outside with a kitchen car. This is a picture when I participated in an event in Kitakami City.

A large number of customers lined up as soon as the store opened,
It was my first time doing it, so it was Tente Komai until I got on track.

One from the charity pork show.
With three beautiful witches.


It was this year that the one-day farmer's tour began.
This project, where you can enjoy various ranch experiences,
It has grown into a popular event that fills up quickly.
At that time, it was difficult to gather participants.

Grazing of "premier cru" is also in full swing, and we have devised ways to present it.

First opened at the hot air balloon event "Ichinoseki Balloon Festival".
I remember it was pouring rain.


The 1day farmer's tour will also change into a fulfilling experience.
Potato digging, bread baking experience, pumpkin Halloween making experience, etc.
At lunchtime, we made luncheon mats with photographs of the participants that day.

The following year, I will be transferred to the manufacturing and sales department for the first time in three years, and this will be my last fall and winter in the agriculture and livestock department.
In my spare time from work, I took pictures of animals and ranch landscapes.

[Winter animals]

[Landscape of sunset]

The next edition is scheduled for 2019-2020.

Manufacturing and Sales Department Kenichi Hashinuma

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