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Grazing has resumed at the egg picking poultry house!

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Hello everyone.

Obon is almost over, but how are you doing?
Thanks to you, Tategamori Ark Ranch had more visitors than usual on Saturday.

By the way, at the egg-picking poultry house at Tategamori Ark Ranch, the chickens are usually pastured except during the winter season.
However, this year, bird flu was occurring until May, so we stopped grazing for the health of the chickens.
In such a situation, the bird flu finally settled down, and from August 12th, we resumed grazing the chickens in the egg-picking poultry house!

↑It is the state of the chickens who grazed.

However, grazing may not be performed depending on the weather conditions.
・When it is raining
・When the pasture is muddy due to the previous day's rain even though it is sunny

In such a case, we can't graze, and the weather around Tategamori Ark Ranch is forecast to be sluggish for the time being.
Grazing may become difficult for a while.

However, if the weather is good, you can see the chickens playing around the pasture!
How about coming to Tategamori Ark Ranch and seeing the chickens on a sunny day?

Hiroki Ito, Agricultural Department

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