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Greetings for the first time.
I joined the company in April this year.
My name is Honoka Tsuda from Hanaizumi Farm, Pig Farming Division.

I am from the coastal area of Miyagi Prefecture, and have been telling stories about my experience of the Great East Japan Earthquake since I was in high school.
I have been working as a narrator.
Through this activity, we can learn the importance of life and the preciousness of being able to eat rice as a matter of course.
Once again, I realized that I wanted to work in food education.
And with that in mind, I came across ARK during my job hunting.

Now I'm working at Hanaizumi Farm's piggery (mainly where mother pigs are mated).
I take responsibility for this job of delivering delicious pork, the “baton of life,” to our customers.
I would like to do my best in the future.

Hog Farming Division Hanaizumi Farm
Honoka Tsuda

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