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Nordic walking has been done!

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hello everyone!
The hot days of July are coming to an end soon, and it's August. How are you all doing?

Meanwhile, at Tategamori Ark Ranch, we invited Megumi Miyata as a lecturer.
"Nordic Walking" was held.
Nordic walking is an exercise that uses muscle 90% by using stocks and using the muscles of the whole body correctly.
Ms. Megumi Miyata personally looks at each person's form and gives guidance so that they can walk according to their physical condition on that day.
Everyone was walking using different muscles than usual, and the way they walked became awkward...!
After a long walk, we had a meal at a natural food restaurant and finished.

Nordic walking in the English garden of Tategamori Ark Ranch was a rare experience.
If you are interested, please join us if you have another chance!

Manufacturing and Sales Department Farm Market Sayaka Ito

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