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Gorgeous scent Introduction of fragrance mist

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Unlike yesterday, the weather is getting hotter and hotter today.
Everyone, keep hydrated,
Be careful not to get heat stroke.

At the herb festival held until the day before yesterday
Thank you for visiting our booth.
Thank you.
The event has ended, but the lavender in the ranch
It remains quiet and beautiful.

The lavender fields blooming all over the place are relaxing just for now
Recommended! Spot~
The calm brilliance of purple,
And this scent makes me feel calm and relaxed.

A new product using ark farm lavender
"Fragrance Mist" was released on June 5th.

・Contents 30ml
・Price 1500 yen (tax included)
・Scent Lavender

Lavender flowers are used in herbal barley tea.
Lavender stems and leaves that have never been used before have a very pleasant scent.
I wonder if I can do something
With the cooperation of Fermen Station Co., Ltd.
It was jointly developed and was born as an ark original product.

It's simple inside
・Ark Ranch Lavender Stem/Leaf Extract
・Organic rice from Oshu ・Ethanol
・Naturally derived ingredient 100% (Southern France, true lavender)
・Synthetic fragrance, synthetic coloring free

where it can be used
・ 1 push in space
・As a fabric mist
・As a pillow mist before going to bed
・As a mask spray

One in the living room and the entrance
1 in the car
1 in your bag when you go out
Size that fits your hand

Ark Ranch farm market shop corner
At the shop corner of Restaurant Tills
We are selling.

Fragrance mist 1 push
The scenery of the ARK Ranch lavender field seems to spread in front of you~

We look forward to welcoming you.

Manufacturing and Sales Department Chie Takahashi

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