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"Tategamori Herb Festa" was held on June 25th and 26th, but thank you very much for coming to visit us in the heat exceeding 30 degrees.

This year again, there were many events that could be enjoyed with all five senses.

At the [Exhibition of Plants Gathering Works Using Herbs], we were able to see high-tech works with the cooperation of JPG members and Mr. Ohba of Hana Cafe Kanon.

The works of the students of ARK Ranch are also professional and very wonderful works.

[Plants Gathering Class] was also held by President Hashimoto.

At the plant shop, I was able to experience the [Peppermint oil insect repellent spray].
It was popular with children because it was easy to make and the scent was refreshing.

The event has ended, but if you are interested in Plants Gathering or want to make insect repellent spray, you can experience it in lessons and workshops, so please contact us.

Yukie Chiba, Agricultural Department

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