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funny pictures of animals

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This is Sugawara, in charge of animal management!

Photos and videos of animals' cute gestures and expressions
I sometimes upload it to SNS.

Carry your mobile phone with you when managing
I try not to miss the decisive moment as much as possible.
Interesting and unusual actions and gestures,
Ah! I thought so and quickly pointed the camera at it, but then I stopped...
What are your habits?
I think I'll do it! When I was holding the camera thinking, I didn't do it...
It's quite difficult to take pictures with the timing and angle (-_-;)

In the meantime, I would like to introduce some interesting photos that I have taken (or been able to take) in the past!

①A red deer that seems to be saying something

② Yuki the pony is fast asleep. Mummy Zzz

③Eh! ? Is this a sheep? Joey from Suffolk

④ Handsome pony Chokkai playing with his bangs

⑤A circle of cabbage-loving guinea pigs

⑥ Close-up of dark brown donkey

Even though she's so cute, when she gets angry ↓↓↓

! ?

How was it?

There are also videos posted on social media, such as videos of cabbage-loving guinea pigs, so please take a look.
There are many interesting videos that have been uploaded in the past on YouTube, so please search for them! !

Department of Agriculture and Stock Animal Management
Sugawara Ayumi


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