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I'm picking vegetables!

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Today, I would like to introduce the vegetables that have recently started to be harvested at the ranch.

↑ "Zucchini"
Harvesting started in mid-May. At the beginning of the harvest, the growth was not good and the yield was in danger, but somehow they recovered (laughs).
We grow yellow and green varieties. Fresh when cooked together!

↑ "Sanchu"
This is Sanchu, which has been growing rapidly recently. Thanks to the rain and sunshine, they are doing well.
Please enjoy by wrapping the meat.

↑ "Mini tomato (Aiko red)"
It's finally been colored recently. This is Aiko-chan, a mini tomato.
When one becomes colored, the surroundings also become colored as if competing with me.
It's cute and I like to see it (laughs)
From here you will be able to get a lot of mini tomatoes in no time. I'm looking forward to it.

↑ "Onion"
These onions are harvested in late June.
It is growing strong, not losing to the rain and thunder.
Not long until the harvest! I would appreciate it if you could be a little bigger
Onions from the ranch are very popular every year. Please look forward to this year!

Many other vegetables are also grown. Please look forward to it! !

Agricultural Department Manami Saito

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