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Hello everyone!

I'm Iori Ishikawa from the Manufacturing and Sales Department. This is my second blog posting.

This time I would like to introduce you to the freezer in the farm-based butcher room that I usually work on.
Do you know how many times a commercial freezer is minus?
What a -25°C!
It's not cold, a wet towel freezes in 10 seconds.

The eyelashes will also freeze and the mask will become soggy.
There are about 21 kinds of items in such a freezer. It is difficult to manage the date of the item.

It's hard to get the products out of the freezer every day, but tell yourself that it's a task you can't normally experience.
do one's best.

From now on, I will send it to everyone when I find an interesting story!
thank you very much.

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