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nice to meet you
My name is Hiroshi Sasaki, and I joined the company in February this year.

I am in charge of facility management work in the agricultural and pastoral department, mainly "grape cultivation" and "wine brewing".
It's been 29 years since I started cultivating grapes and making wine.
I am enjoying my work every day by experiencing things for the first time, such as Golden Week events and digging up tulip bulbs.
Aiming for the commercialization of wine in a few years, we aim to use high-quality grapes and no pesticides based on ARK's philosophy.
We would love to make great wine together with you.
Thank you for your continued support.

The photo is of a vineyard taken from Kagayaki-no-oka with a sea of clouds and rape blossoms in the morning.

Hiroshi Sasaki, Agricultural Department

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