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Perfect with cold beer!

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Hello everyone. This is Shota Sato from Ham Koubou.

This time it is a product that is perfect for beer snacks
I would like to introduce "dry sausage".

Dried sausages are mainly made from the parts of the arms, which are soaked in a seasoning liquid and left to rest for a certain number of days.
After resting, the sausage is made into dough, stuffed, then smoked and dried.
They are small and easy to eat, and each time you chew, the umami and smoky aroma spread in your mouth.
It has a strong flavor and goes well with beer.
This sausage goes well not only with beer, but also with various alcoholic beverages.
Would you like to have a snack with your favorite alcohol?

Please enjoy this opportunity.

Tategamori Ham Factory Shota Sato

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