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With passion for Tategamori Kogen Pork

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My name is Ikeda and I became the farm manager of Fujisawa Farm, which is the production line for Tategamori Kogen Pork since April of this year.
I myself will be at Fujisawa Farm for the first time in seven years. Fujisawa Farm is a farm that I learned my pig farming know-how after joining ARK, so I am happy to be in charge of it again.

There are about 1000 mother pigs at Fujisawa Farm, and mating → giving birth → weaning → raising piglets → finishing fattening is done on one site.
It is easy to move the pigs because they are on the same premises, but in the unlikely event that a disease occurs, it will be difficult to control the disease because each growth stage is close to each other.
Therefore, in order to prevent the invasion of diseases from the outside, we disinfect the pigs properly and change the clothes frequently so that the diseases do not spread to the pigs.
We will continue to do what we take for granted every day so that we can provide more delicious, safer and more reliable pork to everyone.
We will produce pigs with the thoughts of the farm staff!

Fujisawa Farm Shuhei Ikeda

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