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Memories of 20 years Part 1

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This is hashinuma from the production and sales department of the ranch business department.

Time flies so fast.
This year marks the 20th spring since joining the company.

I like taking pictures, and I have been taking pictures of landscapes and people on the ranch for 20 years.
Let's look back on 20 years of memories.

This time, it is the edition from 2004 to 2010.


Round and round sausage became a popular sausage on the ranch,
The contents were also published in the Yomiuri Shimbun.
Guruguru = I imagined a pig's tail!

I used to belong to the poultry farming club, but I'm in charge of selling sausages on weekends? was.
For some time, it was called "Hashinuma Shoten".

The white-roofed building in the back is a barbecue facility adjacent to the farm market.
It's a BBQ terrace now, but it was here 20 years ago. nostalgic.

【Year 2005】

It is a group photo of the old farm club.
Mr. Chiba, whose trademark beard is still working on the ranch.
What is on the right in the back row! She is the wife of Managing Director Tomoatsu.
Her beauty is still the same today.


This is the only two-shot photo I took with my wife in the ranch.
This is a precious photo.
I worked at Tills several years ago.


This photo was taken in front of the former poultry department, Tamagokan.
We had a lot of snow this year, so we made a snowman together.

Makoto-kun is a farm manager in the Agricultural Department.
Kossan is Wakaba Fertilizer Center.
Mitsue-chan is an animal management member of the agriculture department.
Everyone works in their respective departments.


I was transferred to the Manufacturing and Sales Department Farm Market Meat.
The training I received at the Meat Distribution Corporation is what supports me today.

Mr. Shouei, an actor, visited us.
I'm the one who took the picture, so it's not in the picture,
Chairman Shizu is on the right side of the photo (next to Mr. Shoei).
She shines as brightly as Shoei-san.

I miss the green apron and bandana uniform.


It was this year that the uniform was renewed.
Red and white cock coat.
The two seniors in the front right are still working together.
Seniors who have a wonderful smile no matter how many years have passed.


This is an event in June.
At that time, there was no organization called an event committee recognized by the company,
I set up my own event team and was responsible for everything from planning to operation.
What is quietly reflected in the back of the woman who is shearing the sheep
I'm Miura-kun, who manages a farm in the Agricultural Department, who just joined the company.

The navy blue jumpsuit (work clothes) is also nostalgic.

This time, we looked back on the period from 2004 to 2010.
This continuation will take place in about two months.

Stay tuned for next time!

Manufacturing and Sales Department Kenichi Hashinuma

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